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A Masterplan to transform the Boca Grande Community Center Campus

Our goal is to transform the Community Center in order to meet the changing physical and technical needs of over 30 community organizations. The improvements planned provide a meaningful realignment of space and touch almost every organization that uses the Center. These groups depend on the Community Center to present educational and entertainment programs, host social activities, hold important meetings, celebrate families and children, and invite community engagement.

It is our utmost priority to respect and honor the character and scale of our historical campus with consistent and appropriate architecture and to preserve the lawn/green areas to the maximum extent possible.

The Community Center Renaissance Fund will transform the campus in 3 phases

Site Plan

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Phase 1 | August 2024 – June 2025

A priority will be placed on completing the Crowninshield main assembly room for community use by January 2025.

  • Build additional office, counseling, and multi-purpose space for The Island School (completion by June 2025).
  • Remodel the Crowninshield Green Room and Timmy Smith Room to provide permanent space for the Boca Grande Historical Society, storage for tables and chairs for the Crowninshield main assembly room, and a public bathroom in the hallway.
  • Refresh the Crowninshield main assembly room with paint and lighting and upgrade HVAC, acoustic, and electric service.


  • Bridge will be moved to the Woman’s Club room for November – December 2024, then back into the main assembly room at the Crowninshield for the remainder of season.
  • The Green Room in the Crowninshield will no longer be available for use by Bridge lessons, All That Jazz or Trunk Shows.
  • 2024 Summer Camp will be scheduled in the existing multi-purpose room and Woman’s Club Room.
  • The playground, at a minimum, will be downsized, and may need to be closed completely to accommodate construction trailers, trucks, materials, etc. for new construction at the school.
  • The site of Island School addition will need to be secured such that children will be able to go outside and to the existing multipurpose room during construction.
  • The Boca Bargains and Boca Grande Historical Society will not be disrupted in their current locations during this phase. 
  • Construction staging between the Crowninsheild and the Dishong-Bowen House may limit access to the annex from time to time.

Phase 2 | June 2025 – July 2026

  • Demolish the old multi-purpose building.
  • Renovate the Teacherage for Boca Bargains retail shop (June 2025 – completion by October 2025).
  • Build a 170sf addition to the Dishong-Bowen House to accommodate a restroom and storage space and add awnings (completion by October 2025).
  • Remodel the Crowninshield kitchen and add a 220sf addition.
  • Remodel the Crowninshield Annex and create ramp access into the Crowninshield main assembly room.
  • Expand outdoor decking around Boca Bargains, the Art Center and the Crowninshield to integrate into the lawn area and provide larger special event space (completion by October 2025).
  • Build a new 242-seat auditorium with expanded lobby space, that is fully accessible for all from seating and mobility to state-of-the-art audio/visual capabilities, as well as meeting all safety and environmental regulations (Completion by June 2026)
  • Move and consolidate Friends, RPP, and Parks offices where possible for more efficient operations (completion by October 2025).
  • Create one multi-purpose room in each wing (completion by October 2025).
  • Create a boardroom in the west wing where groups can schedule meetings with modern audio/visual capabilities (completion by October 2025).
  • Consolidate and expand storage space for leaseholders (completion by October 2025).
  • The playground will be re-assembled IF that space is not needed for construction staging of the new auditorium.


  • The Boca Grande Historical Society can move into the Crowninshield House with expanded exhibit space sometime December 2024.
  • 2025 Summer Camp will be scheduled in the new Island School multi-purpose room and Woman’s Club Room.
  • Friends of Boca Grande, Royal Palm Players, and Parks & Recreation will need to relocate temporary offices to the Crowninshield for the June 2025 – October 2025.
  • A temporary storage POD or shipping container will be required for storage of items in Woman’s Club Room, other storage areas, and tables & chairs.
  • Temporary space will be identified for the Sheriff office.
  • Bridge will continue to be played in the Crowninshield October 2025 – May 2026.  There will likely not be space for bridge lessons in a separate room.
  • The fitness room will not be available from June 2025 – December 2026.

Phase 3 | July 2026 – December 2026

Repurpose the former auditorium into usable space for all groups by expanding the multi-purpose space for larger functions, ie: duplicate bridge, black-box performance space, exercise classes, etc. and creating a modern fitness center.  Construction will begin when the auditorium is complete.


  • 2026 Summer Camp will be scheduled in the new Island School multi-purpose room and Woman’s Club Room or back in the Crowninshield.
  • Bridge will continue to be played in the Crowninshield October 2026– December 2026 then moved to its new location in the remodeled old auditorium space; bridge lessons may be offered if schedule permits.
  • The fitness room will not be available from June 2025 – December 2026.
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